True Life: I'm a Drummer
Hey, this blog is awesome and perfect! I just wanted to say thanks for the chick drummer love you posted earlier! We appreciate it! :)

I appreciate the kind words :) I’m hoping to start this thing back up again soon

what does efc stand for?

That’s a great question…I have no idea. In what context was it used?

I'm sorry for stalking your blog, this is a bit too accurate, its kind of scary :P

Glad you like it! And I like stalkers…in a blog sense of course :)

This is scarily accurate. Are... ARE YOU STALKING ME? GET OUTTA MAH HOUSE. Seriously though, don't know how I only just found this blog! Excellent job, man! :D

Haha thanks for the kind words! I know I’ve been absent a while, but I will be back!

Yeah! We want more posts! Greetings to all the fellow drummers here!

Expect some soon! Thanks for sticking around! \m/

Ohmygod! Everything here is amazing. I can relate to everything here. Thank you so much for existing! (:

Thank you for the kind words :) I appreciate all my followers that have stuck with me through my little drought. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on here but I promise things will pick up again soon! Thanks again for the comment!

What kinda set do you play on? And how many pieces? Just curious

I have a Pearl Reference Redline white on white drum kit. 5 piece: kick, snare, high tom, and 2 floor toms.

If you’re interested in the cymbals too, I play Zildjian Avedis: hi hat, 2 crash, ride, and splash

How do you know if you area true drummer

Do you love playing the drums? When you play, do you think of nothing else because you’re so at peace while playing? Does drumming make you happy? Even if it doesn’t sound perfect, do you keep trying until it does? Do you feel “right” while playing? Do you want to keep working at it to get better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re a true drummer. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The fact that you asked me this question and that you are contemplating it means you are a true drummer. Keep it up and rock on \m/

Yay new friend!